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Corporate Information

TrackEngine is produced by a privately funded company called NexLabs. Nex is short for Nexus, a junction; a meeting point - which epitomizes what we are trying to do here - matching Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time.

NexLabs has developed a suite of TrackEngine products suitable for corporate customers for business intelligence, academic research or as value-added services for service providers. We count among our customers National University of Singapore, StarHub, Deutsche Telekom Asia and British Telecoms.

NexLabs has won a couple of accolades from the industry. C|NET described TrackEngine as a "Killer Application for Businesses". NexLabs also emerged as winners of the IgniteAsia Challenge competition, a pan-Asia Pacific competition that recognizes top Internet startups companies. The competition, of which there were 260 competing entries, was judged by a prominent panel such as Compaq, Microsoft, Bain & Co and LabMorgan.

More information about NexLabs - press releases, products - can be found at

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