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The Price

The site was initiated as a demonstration to allow potential customers, partners and investors to evaluate the technology. It is a demonstration of the capabilities of other lines of TrackEngine products that are marketed and sold commercially to corporates, organizations and service providers. See details of these other products.

However, fame has its own way of finding itself to your doorstep. The user base is growing rapidly, thanks to favorable reviews from magazines and referrals from our customers.

In addition, we also understand that there are some users who use TrackEngine for their own businesses. To support these users, we have launched Upgrade Packs.

You will also see that the site is not ad-supported. We want to be a functional site, not a billboard.

While we will strive to maintain as a demonstration site, the ever-increasing customer base and the increased demands of certain groups of users will require the creation of different tiered services. We would like our users to understand that this is one option that would be explored in the future.

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