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The Difference

TrackEngine is not a search engine. A search engines allow users to fulfill a one-time ad-hoc query. After you have found the site or page you are looking for, you frequently return to this page to check if new and related content have arrived. TrackEngine follows up on this process by tracking what happens on this page henceforth.

TrackEngine is also different from online bookmark management systems. Such systems are passive. TrackEngine is an active system because it actively updates the user about new content.

TrackEngine is also different from other web monitoring or change detection systems. These merely tell you if a page has changed, but not what has changed. TrackEngine tells you exactly what the new content is, so that you do not waste time comparing or searching for relevant new content.

TrackEngine was designed with a different philosophy - to minimize noise and disruption to the user unless absolutely necessary. In analyzing what has changed, TrackEngine allows content to be filtered so that only the absolutely critical new content gets sieved through to users.

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