Issue 2, 28 May 2001


Every organisation craves for timely alerts of competitors’ activities but gathering such information can be very resource intensive. With TrackEngine, you can monitor any sites on the Internet for Competitive Intelligence and alerts will be delivered to your mailbox when the desired information is available!  This saves enormous time and cost. 


This issue of Track Times will feature two tips on using TrackEngine as a productivity tool to gather intelligence.

1.       Track Press Releases

2.       Track Online Forum

3.       Off the Track


1. Track Press Releases

Not all press releases are actually published in newspapers and magazines. Newspapers will only print a story depending on available space and upon perceived interest of their readers.


With the Internet today, most companies publish their press releases on their web sites for public relation purposes so that their clients, suppliers, investors and partners are aware of their activities. These releases often contain a wealth of information on partnership and alliance, product launch, product promotion and even executive appointment. The article here will show you how TrackEngine can be used to gather such information.




2. Track Online Forum

If you are a brand manager, you will want to know how well your product is perceived by consumers. Internet forums have become very successful channels for users to express their views. A wise Internet savvy brand manager or PR manager will take such users’ feedback seriously by monitoring the appropriate discussion groups to understand users’ perception of their brand and product. TrackEngine can be used to monitor any online forum and you will always be alerted of any discussion related to your product or company. Click here to find out how!





For more examples on how to use TrackEngine to conduct Competitive Intelligence for your organisation, click here to go to our online tutorial.


3. Off the Track


Are you among the millions of people who read Dilbert everyday? Wouldn't it be cool if you could have Dilbert delivered to your email inbox every morning? Click here to find out how.

What the daily Dilbert email report looks like




TrackEngine is a productivity tool that can be used in many applications and is limited only by your imagination. We look forward to your comments on how we can harness this tool to further manage the vast Internet forest. Please send your suggestion to

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